Redefining excellence in planning strategy

Transforming the planning process and strategic direction for Gilead

Case study

Gilead: Approaching things differently

Our client wanted to refresh their brand planning process with three key considerations in mind:

1 / Bringing insights to the fore
2 / Ensuring cross-functional alignment
3 / Achieving excellence in communication through effective storytelling

Going back to basics

As an established team with extensive therapy area experience, we knew that we needed to start afresh. We began by stripping back the layers and honing in on the key questions that they required answering, to ensure a laser focus on their challenges and goals.

We facilitated stakeholder calls with function leads, as well as senior leadership, to ensure alignment on the desired outcome and goals. 

Inspiring action with clear direction

Through a series of collaborative workshops facilitated virtually, we developed a new brand planning framework that reinvigorated the aspirational strategic direction of the brand by overlaying an emotional lens to bring to life the intended impact. This was also translated into tangible and ownable tactics.

Learn more about our Planning work here.

The depth of understanding Incite have of our market, alongside the insights they bring to the table, enables them to easily integrate into our planning group. They manage to get the best out of our brand team. The result was a brand plan with a powerful simplicity, with lasting functional alignment - made all the more impressive with this year’s planning process being conducted 100% remotely.

Marketing Director, Gilead