Supporting Novartis with their pre-launch strategy

Giving a first-in-class cardiovascular treatment a best-in-class launch strategy

Case study

“This project has set the gold standard for how patient journey research should be done for all future launch products. We were able to use the project outputs to brief the Launch Team on expected challenges with the launch and propose solutions that could be built into our operational plan, in a timely manner.”

UK product lead, Novartis

A comprehensive and iterative approach to support Novartis with the development of launch operation plans and tactics.

An exciting opportunity with lots of unknowns

Novartis is expanding its portfolio in the cardiovascular space with a first-in-class treatment.​

As well as being a novel product offering, the intended prescribing customer was new to our client.

No stone left unturned

The preparatory stage set the project up for success; we spent time defining the business challenge, generating ongoing hypotheses and collaborating with other partner agencies to ensure a seamless approach to data insight collection, triangulation and consolidation.​

Our comprehensive, multipronged and iterative approach provided a 360◦ view on the prescribing pathway and the network of influencing stakeholders.

Delivering focus and action for Novartis

The outputs were insight and recommendation-led, focused on highlighting key areas of opportunity ie stakeholders most relevant for the novel product launch, in addition to potential pain points in the patient pathway ie patients lost in follow-up.

This helped to shape operational plans for Novartis and specifically:​

  • Provided a comprehensive briefing for the launch brand team​
  • Supported the task force decisions making​
  • Fed directly into tactical planning

This research was highly commended by BHBIA.

“This project has provided invaluable insights that has allowed us to better understand the current cardiovascular space in the UK, informing the planning and decision making within the launch team. The output is a fantastic resource, consolidating not only the insights from the commissioned research itself but also pivotal data from a tandem research project and other internal market research.”

UK Business Analytics and Insights Manager, Novartis

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