Commercial decisions and business strategies


Working with business leaders and investors, we take a 360° view of the business and market to assess commercial health and future opportunity. Our Strategy practice supports the fundamental decisions on how to grow and where to invest.
Case study

The value of sustainable thinking for Burger King

‘Sustainability’ has two meanings in business — both of which pay off commercially. We helped Burger King to think beyond “quick wins”, to focus on long-term growth.​​

Case study

Fine-tuning the approach to the female market for PureGym

Women make up just over half the UK population. PureGym wanted to be sure their approach ticked all the right boxes for female members. We rolled out a comprehensive insight and strategy programme to help ensure their female membership would go from strength to strength.


Resetting the corporate compass

There's been a huge shift in consumer priorities and what people are demanding of organisations. In our latest blog, we explore how leaders are rising to this challenge and what it means for businesses of all shapes and sizes who want to make a positive impact.

Investing in purpose

Purpose-driven companies are increasingly attractive investments — catching the eye of investors and ethically-minded customers alike. But what really matters to investors and consumers? And how can businesses do more of what matters?
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