Marketing strategies and implementation plans


Both vision and plans are needed to push a business forward. Whether you need to outpace your rivals, re-engage your target audience, or overcome any other commercial challenge, we bring our acumen, insight and creativity, while harnessing your team’s knowledge and energy, to deliver watertight thinking.

Human-centric planning — for people, with people

A plan is just words on paper without the people who see it through. That’s why Incite’s Planning Practice takes into account your customers and the people within your organisation. Successful plans need three core ingredients. They should provide a fresh perspective, harness your internal thinking and knowledge, and align and galvanise teams, so that everything planned takes off.

Case study

Hall & Woodhouse — restoring the Badger brand to its former glory

Incite’s Planning experts were tasked with revolutionising a 240-year-old brewery brand. We delivered robust, three-year business and brand strategies, just six weeks later. Cheers!

Case study

Redefining excellence in planning strategy

We helped transform a healthcare brand’s planning process, delivering a simple-to-use framework for internal and external impact that lasts.
Case study

Making marketing planning more customer-focused

Working alongside a global fuels and convenience retailer, we reviewed existing data and insights to create a set of interactive tools for improved marketing planning.
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