Day 1 vs day 100 in Healthcare

The term ‘Healthcare Research’ conjures up all kinds of stereotypical images for someone outside of its bubble. Smart people in white coats gazing at beakers in a bright white room whilst speaking in code with one another, finishing lots of words with ‘ology’, ‘butanol’ and ‘ologist’.

Like most analysts on day one of their time in the healthcare team, my spine coiled in apprehension, feeling that I couldn’t possibly keep up with these people who seem to know every intricate detail on the complexities of a condition I had never heard of before.

Whilst getting up to speed on new projects, I quickly noticed terms and themes familiar to my time in consumer and service research; words like ‘needs’, ‘behaviours’ and ‘brand attitudes’. Even in the healthcare ecosystem of patients and HCP’S (Health care professionals), it quickly became clear that human behaviour can be much the same as it is when buying broadband for your house or a burger on your way home from work. Granted the potential risks and consequences of a bad burger are not quite the same as the decision making around treatment options.

We at Incite harness the human truths that govern the decision-making process that doctors and patients go through (in-between the thick lines of regulatory red tape). That’s how we successfully inform our clients strategies and tactics, enabling them to achieve their ambitions and improve patient care.

While we have a growing team of experts in health, our continued collaboration across sectors from across all levels allows us to be more dynamic and creative in how we think through the business challenge, design the research and develop the recommendations and outputs.

I spoke with my fellow analysts who came before me to absorb their thoughts on how we ‘do’ health at Incite…

So, there we have it! My foundation of key research principles, the importance of human centricity and the support from my colleagues have helped me see that this complex world is not so complex after all.

Our health team continues to grow quickly; we have a fantastic bunch of new people and we are still delivering inspiring and actionable work for our clients. Learn about the health consulting services we offer and get in touch to discuss out how we can help.