Healthcare research – where we excel

We thrive when designing and executing bespoke healthcare research projects that are business-critical, have high visibility or are complex in nature. Overall:

  • We address business problems that span the product life cycle – from early opportunity assessment, through to pre-launch phases, early experiences, growth and decline
  • Our therapeutic expertise is wide-ranging, spanning oncology, inflammation, rare diseases, infectious diseases, and psychiatry
  • We are method-agnostic, drawing upon a mix of primary and secondary data sources, quantitative, qualitative and observational methodologies

Six project types that align with our unique strengths

1 / Foundational understanding

Market understanding pieces are complex and have numerous stakeholders. Our story-telling capabilities mean we deliver a clear narrative about the market environment and landscape that clients operate in. We:

  • Explore and assess the shape and size of a market
  • Consider both clinical and emotional dimensions
  • Build frameworks to capture and structure this knowledge, for example patient journeys and buying processes

2 / Segmentation, targeting and positioning

Segmentation, targeting and positioning work forms the DNA of strategy. It is critical to get buy-in from internal stakeholders, and to inspire them to apply this thinking to their work. Our unique approach allows us to:

  • Develop market segmentations that have both strategic and tactical application
  • Understand, assess and select target audiences
  • Support brand positioning, from emotional insight territories to final articulation

3 / Creative collaboration

Our experience shows Stakeholders are often highly invested in research with strong personal opinions. Our empathetic stance means that we can successfully facilitate and collaborate with clients and their creative agencies to develop and refine positioning, messaging, concepts, detail aids and other campaign materials.

4 / Launch, growth, and defence strategy

We often receive briefs that require inspiration and guidance from the marketplace about how to tackle specific business challenges. We are experts at piecing together complex puzzles; revisiting, developing and communicating an insight-led point-of-view that point towards a new path forward.

5 / Behaviour change

Whilst behavioural theory underpins much of our thinking and work, we also conduct projects that are explicitly targeted at changing a specific behaviour. We leverage our behaviour change model as part of the process.

6 / Patient insights

Patient research is known to be tricky – the fieldwork logistics can be hard to manage, techniques and approaches need to be carefully executed, and the learnings must be relevant and easy to implement.

We are specialists at patient research: we know all about the nuts and bolts of how to conduct research with patients, and how to incorporate the patient voice into different aspects of strategy and tactics.

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