Delivering on the agile promise

At the end of August, one of our clients contacted us with an exciting challenge: they were working on a new creative campaign meant to entice gen Z-ers to try (and love) their underdog product. And they wanted us to help them shape that campaign.

The catch: the campaign launch was three weeks away.

So we got to work immediately. We recruited duos of young people for ‘Zoom clinics’ – 15-minute quick-fire sessions across two days. We got their hot take on the adverts, mood boards and taglines, shown in quick succession. No over-rationalising, no explaining the campaign – just their unfiltered views.

The duo dynamic allowed us to canvas differences of opinion, understand the emotional and rational drivers towards or away from the different executions. And with the client and creative agency joining all of the sessions, we were able to discuss, think and make changes in real-time.

The day after fieldwork, we all had a shared perspective on the outcome and our client had a clear view on how to move forward.

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